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FIREFLY eco Provides Quality Solar Powered Electricity Storage & Generation Systems.
Our Passion is Eco Friendly Renewable Energy Solutions.

Reinhold Redinger

Reinhold Redinger

About FIREFLY eco

FIREFLY Eco is a solar energy company based in the scenic Magaliesburg mountains of Gauteng.

'In order to maintain the highest levels of service, we focus specifically on all areas of Gauteng as well as North West province'.

All of our clean energy systems are up-gradable which means that you can start with a basic system and add key components like solar panels, batteries and additional inverters as your budget allows, with the eventual aim of running fully off the grid.

All of your specific requirements and current energy consumption are taken into consideration when quoting in order to ensure that you get the correct system to suit your specific current and future energy requirements.

We offer the supply and installation of solar and UPS power generation and storage systems for domestic, agricultural and small business.

We offer the following Products

UPS Systems 

Stores energy in batteries and supplies electricity when Eskom electricity is unavailable (no solar panels). 

Solar Hybrid Systems

Generates electricity from solar panels and offers battery back-up. This stored power is then used at night time or during Eskom load shedding. This system is linked to Eskom power or a generator as back-up for the extended rainy days. 

Grid-Tie Solar Systems 

Designed mainly for businesses that operate during the daylight hours with the specific aim of saving on Municipal power consumption by utilising the power generated from solar panels. 

Retrofit Solar Geyser Systems 

This unit (Geyser solar panel) connects to your existing geyser. The collector unit heats and circulates the water in the geyser utilising energy from the sun. A GeyserWise controller regulates and displays the water temperature and switches between Solar and Eskom. In sunny conditions the unit is able to run exclusively on solar thus saving on energy costs. Eskom is therefore just in place as your geyser’s back-up power source in case of prolonged periods of rain or cloud. 

High Pressure and Low Pressure Solar Geysers 

Various types of Solar Geysers are offered with the two main types being Flat Plate and Evacuated Tube. These geysers can be mounted on the ground but most commonly on your roof. Both types have their own storage tank and are frame mounted. Eskom can be connected to the Geysers as back-up, should extended periods of cloud cover prevail. 

Solar Borehole Pump Systems 

Solar borehole systems replace the need for Municipal or Eskom power to pump water. The pumps are available in various sizes depending on the flow rate required and head height. Being Solar powered, the flow rate is generally lower than AC Borehole pumps. However, the advantage is that water can be pumped into a storage facility for as long as usable sunlight is available, without the traditional electricity cost. 

Off Grid Lighting Kits

We offer free standing flood lighting solutions ranging from 10 watt to 100 watt units which are ideal for remote locations or areas where no electricity supply exists. The kit consists of a solar panel, either loose or built into the light. Mounting is done either on a pole or against a wall depending on the type of light required. 

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Custom Solutions
  • In order to ensure that you get the correct system, all of your requirements and current energy consumption are taken into consideration when quoting.

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